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My name is Olga, I am 29 years old, married, recently moved to Munich from Romania. We live in Laimer Platz.

I love pets (cats and dogs), me and my husband have back home 2 cats (they are now living with my parents), we want to bring them here. They where abandoned, we found them on the street - scared, they had 3 months. Now they are fine and very spoiled. They are vaccinated and sterilized.

Also 6 years ago me and my family adopted a dog, now she stays with my brother (her name is Lissa - she is a half-breed husky), but sometimes she stayed with me, my husband and our cats - they all got along.

Pets give me a lot of their positive energy, they relax me. Coming home from work and seeing how happy is Lissa and my cats, makes me happy too.

I will treat your cat as my own, play and feed your pet at least 45 min per visit.

I don't have many photos with me and my cats and dog, because usually I am the one who has the camera :)

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