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Profilbild für Yuko F

Yuko F

Über Mich

A local, cat-loving, non-smoking, house‐proud vegetarian sitter from Japan

Hello, Berliners! 

I’m Yuko. A local, Berlin-based cat sitter and house sitter.

I'm a Catsitter Specialized in Per Night Stay.

Per Night Stay stay is great if...

😔 You feel that two short visits are still not enough.

🤔 You wish your sitter take care of the house, too.

😖 You feel insecure about leaving your home empty for a long time.

I have done a lot of house-sittings on 1~3 sit monthly basis.

As a self-entitled cat behaviourist, I spontaneously study cat behaviours and keep myself updated about cat sciences. 

Thankfully, I’ve been receiving excellent reviews since I started as a house-sitter on another housesitting site.

Homeowners, their cats and I have built great relationships**.

Why? Because 5 years of freelancing made me an excellent communicator.

✅ When I notice some unusual sign from your cat, I immediately tell you.

✅ I will send you updates once in a few days (I can also give you a more frequent update upon your request) too so that you can sit back at your destination. And you’ll never miss your cats too much

And oh, have you ever heard this famous Japanese proverb 「立つ鳥跡を濁さず」? It means “A bird does not foul the nest that it is about to leave.” The point is --

✅ I clean before I leave the homeowners’ place. ✨

It sounds normal but actually, I heard from my previous homeowners that not all the sitters are like that. But for me, it's pretty normal and that's how I grew up.

Send me a message and let's chat! 🐱

I’m looking forward to being friends with your cats! ☺️


All F.A.Q. Are Answered Here!

Q. Why your per night stay is very low (compared to your per-visit pricing)?

A. Because It is absolutely a win-win for me✌️

It looks that I give away 30€ value to my customers. But actually, you give me the same amount of value by providing me accommodation.

I'm on my own with my backpack since 2018, and I've been in Berlin and travelling in Europe by doing housesitting.

I’m a baby entrepreneur trying to get my businesses on track, and an artist creating some works in our art studio in Kreuzberg in my free time. My life is fun but not easy in terms of finance. So I’m trying to spare rent to make some nice stuff. So when you take me as a sitter, you technically support a Berlin-based artist🎨

Q. Do you accept in the last minutes?

A. Yes, but it depends on my schedule.

And you can check it from here. The dates with the red bars are booked. But on the ones with a green bar or no bar, I'm free and seeking housesitting.

So if you find that we are the match, just drop me a line and let’s figure things out together.

Q. Can you communicate with our neighbours who only speak German?

A. Yes, most of the time.

I have a machine translation app on my phone. And I start learning German little by little.  I have excellent non-verbal communication skills. Here’s why I believe so: I managed to buy a specific solvent liquid for my artwork from an old German shop owner. He didn’t speak or understand English at all. We communicated with gestures, Google Translate, and my ultra-basic German. ... Genau! 👴🏻

Whatever… in any case it is, we’ll figure things out. 😁


📩 Write to me if you have any other questions. I’m more than happy to answer them!

📅If you want to check my availability for the overnight housesit, please check this calendar.

(I take housesit bookings from other channels as well. My booking calendar on this site might not be up-to-date. )

Overnight Stay

  • feeding (water, food and treats)
  • cleaning litres
  • cuddle
  • playing
  • brushing
  • photo updates
  • simple oral medication
  • taking to the vet with your agreement (when something happens, extra pricing may apply.)
  • housesitting (basic maintenance of your home such as cleaning your home, check the postbox and watering plants)


When I make a visit, I usually staying for around an hour/day with your cat. Aside from feeding and cleaning the litter, I offer the following services.

  • To check their health if everything is alright with them
  • To play and cuddle them (when they are up for it)
  • To clean up the litters (and pukes too, if they make one)
  • And of course, to send you a photos update of your cutie(s)😻


📅 If you want to check my availability for the overnight housesit, please check this calendar below. 👉

⚠️The calendar on Catinaflat profile is not up to-date. Please check ⚠️

(I take housesit bookings from other channels as well. My booking calendar on this site might not be up-to-date. )

Wenn du mich als deinen nächsten Katzensitter aussuchst, werde ich dir täglich Neuigkeiten und Photos von deiner Fellnase schicken. Ich werde mein allerbestes tun, damit du zu einer glücklichen, entspannten Katze zurück kommst.
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